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We're committed to providing high quality medical services to the population of Central Indiana.

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What Makes Our Clinic Great?

Affordable Quality Care

ProMed offers wholistic care for its patients for a fraction of the cost through operational efficiency. By providing many procedures and diagnositics in house, ProMed helps you avoid many costs associated with seeing a specialist. You can expect to save 50-70% when visiting ProMed.

Short Waiting Times

Avoiding paperwork also allows our staff to see patients quicly. We can get you in and out of the clinic quickly. If you have an appointment, you can expect to be seen right on time. If not, we can usually see you within 10 minutes.

Spanish Friendly

Every member of our staff is fluent in English and Spanish. We are uniquely qualified to serve the Spanish speaking population. You don't need to wait for a translator, and you don't need to worry that your symptoms will be lost in translation.

No Insurance Needed

You don't need insurance to get care at ProMed. By accepting cash, we keep operations lean and allow our staff to focus solely on patient care instead of filling out paperwork.

The ProMed Story

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Talented Doctors & Nurses

ProMed was founded in 2008 by Dr. Argote and his wife, Martha Argote RN, in order to provide high quality healthcare to the population of Central Indiana. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Dr. Argote and Mrs. Argote moved to the United States with their two children, Pablo and Mariajose, in the pursuit of the American Dream. Dr. Argote and Mrs. Argote have fully been devoted to improving the lives of thousands of patients in their 30+ years of experience.

Our Team

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Dr. Alfredo Argote

Medical Director

Beings a highly trained physician and surgeon, Dr. Argote can provide a wide range of services. Dr. Argote completed his family medicine residency at Community Hospitals of Indianapolis, has the latest training in family medicine and is board certified. His medical training began when he attended medical school and completed orthopedic surgery residency at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, as well as an arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery fellowship in the Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York.

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Martha Argote, RN

Registered Nurse

Mrs. Argote is a registered nurse, certified massage therapist, and has extensive experience in health care as a nurse for many years including a masters degree in Occupational Health from National University in Colombia. She has ER, maternity, pediatric and geriatric care experience.

What We Do

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Fractures, Sprains, Casts, Splints

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Sport Related Injuries, Back Pain, Arthritis

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Heart Health Monitoring

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In House Labs

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Skin Lesions, Scar Correction, Ingrown Toe Nails, Lacerations, Injuries

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Breathing and Asthma Care

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Women's Health